Bee Happy Mindfulness

Bee Kind, Bee Optimistic, Bee Aware…

Bee KOA.

We are dedicated educators creating customized programs for children coupled with professional development for educators. We use secular mindfulness-based practices to teach social-emotional skills so students, educators, and families can thrive and learn how to be KOA (Kind, Optimistic and Aware)

We are local educators.

Koa Kids has been designed by educators for educators. Our lessons fulfill the social-emotional learning (SEL) strand included in the 2020 math curriculum. We also have created cross-curricular connections within our lessons. We have developed a program that is transferable to childcare centres and early learning facilities.

We make social-emotional learning fun and engaging.

We engage our learners through play, nature, movement, and breath exercises.  We make mindfulness fun and exciting for the students, but we also make it simple for educators by embedding it in the curriculum. 

We offer a tailored approach.

We tailor our approach based on the specific educational site. We collaborate with the administration and leadership team to create a climate of wellbeing.

We use a simple, supportive, and sustainable framework.

Simplicity – a reliable framework to help you teach social-emotional learning (SEL) using math and mindfulness-based practices.
Support – a model in which SEL lessons are aligned with the curriculum objectives.
Sustainability – an approach where educators, parents and students are trained to become SEL leaders in their school and community.