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Our Story

You hear it everywhere – mental health challenges are increasing in our youth.

While we could substantiate these claims using a variety of statistics, the reality is that we don’t need statistics to know that this is true – we are witnessing this within the schools where we teach and we also hear this from our colleagues in the education sector.

Children are experiencing mental health challenges that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. We see these challenges being enacted in the classroom in the form of disconnection and disengagement. We also see this being played out amongst our friends and colleagues in the form of burnout. These challenges led us to question, what can we do to help our students and colleagues thrive?

We know that secular mindful practices, including breath work, meditation, expressions of gratitude, mindful movement, and being in nature help to regulate emotions and enhance positive feelings of well-being. Why not collaborate with schools and youth organizations to create a climate of wellbeing that is rooted in kindness, optimism, and awareness.

That is how the Bee Happy Mindfulness story began.