How it works

How It Works

We offer a range of options to support schools and educators. We provide in-person sessions and we have an online component (coming soon) that can be accessed using our Koa Kids Membership login. We can adapt our programming to meet the needs of specific schools and childcare settings.

We support schools and educational sites in the following ways:
Preparing the soil

Offering introductory workshops/classes to teach SEL using mindfulness-based practices in a fun, interactive, and creative way while also meeting the SEL strand in the 2020 mathematics curriculum.

Planting Koa seedlings

Coming soon, an online program of Koa SEL training lessons to help model, support, and implement an integrated, cross-curricular approach to teach SEL using mindfulness-based practices.

Sowing Koa seeds

Offering professional development about how to use the SEL Koa curriculum, as well as offering Koa training sessions to guide and support educators in their classrooms.

Growing Koa trees

Co-creating a mindful school community by working with all classes (and parent council) to teach SEL using mindful-based practices that are rooted in kindness, optimism, and awareness. We help promote a culture of humility by having students participate in compassion practices and mindful actions inside and outside of the school (e.g., planting Koa gardens, co-creating mindful spaces, and running extra-curricular Koa clubs).