Meet our Mascot

Our Mindfulness Mascot

We developed a mascot to help children relate to the essence of SEL. KOA is a loveable character whose name is an acronym for Kindness, Optimism and Awareness. 

Hi! my name is KOA. You might not know this about me, but I am part tree. I might look like you but there are some subtle differences. My hair is made from the leaves of a Koa tree, and my body is made mostly from wood, more specifically sticks.  I do have a heart, and a brain and I can use all my senses because I have eyes, a nose, ears, a mouth, and hands. 

I have mastered using my senses and my heart which has helped me train my brain to pay attention and stay present. I am like a mindful warrior.  Skilled in mindfulness, rooted in kindness, optimism, and awareness – KOA.

The part of me that is a Koa tree is quite unique.  An interesting fact about the Koa tree is its resilient nature.  It can regenerate on a disturbed site that has had soil removal or suffered a forest fire, and this site can actually stimulate the Koa seed to germinate. You could say I am a resilient and strong character who can thrive in environments that are not ideal.  I guess that’s what makes me brave, bold, and fearless.

Another interesting fact about my tree is that once my Koa leaves are mature, the leaf shape and structure provide a surface area to collect moisture from the clouds and channel it down leaf tips to the forest floor.  In other words, when the conditions are right, the Koa tree is capable of self-watering.  Isn’t that amazing! 

I am a KOA coach who is really good at teaching kids how to self-regulate, be resilient, and thrive.  You could say I was made for this.  I am not sure exactly how I became this way but I often think that maybe someone drew a picture of me and believed in me so much that I came to be.  I like that thought. So that’s my story.  I am a KOA coach and my job is to help nurture and support you on your mindful journey! 

Love, KOA