Our Programs

Our Programs

All of the Koa Kids’ programs are culturally responsive and trauma-informed. We also offer modifications and extensions to ensure that our programs meet the needs of all students.

Koa Sprouts

A mindfulness-based social and emotional learning (MBSEL) program that is developmentally appropriate for preschool and kindergarten children (ages 2.5-5). Every Koa Sprouts class includes the following: stories & songs, mindful movement, breath exercises & games, as well as play-based learning activities.

Koa Kids

A program that helps students from grades 1-6 grow confidence and personal wellbeing. We offer introductory workshops/classes to teach SEL using mindful practices in a fun, interactive, and creative way while also meeting the SEL strand in the 2020 mathematics curriculum. We cover topics such as making responsible decisions, growth mindset, building resiliency, identifying strengths and acts of kindness and compassion.

Koa Koaches

A program that helps grow mindful school communities by collaborating with students, parents, and educators. We promote a culture of humility by having students participate in compassion practices and mindful actions inside and outside of the school (e.g., planting Koa gardens, co-creating mindful spaces, and running extra-curricular Koa clubs).

Koa T(w)eens

Coming soon – A program that is being developed to help tweens/teens navigate the challenges that arise during puberty. We are developing a curriculum to help tweens/teens manage social media, peer pressure, and to understand their inner emotional landscape.

Koa P.D.

We provide professional development, supporting educators to cultivate a climate of wellbeing in their schools. We demonstrate specific practices that can be used to teach mindfulness-based social and emotional skills in classrooms and school communities.

Koa Online

Coming soon – Online Koa SEL training lessons to help model, support, and implement an integrated, cross-curricular approach to teach SEL using mindfulness-based practices.